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  • “一站式”非标定制加工
    Non-standard customized processing

    拥有各类加工设备同时集成一套能够快速反应合理安排生产的柔性制造体系,经济快速提供小批量多品种的非标定制产品。 All kinds of processing equipment and integrate a set of flexible manufacturing system which can quickly respond and reasonably arrange production, and provide small batch and multi variety non-standard customized products economically and quickly.

  • 独立创意设计团队
    Independent creative design team

    专注于机械制图,机械设计,计算机绘图,机械制造工艺,数控机床的加工方法及特点,为客户提供完善的技术服务。 Focus on mechanical drawing, mechanical design, computer graphics, mechanical manufacturing technology, CNC machining methods and characteristics, to provide customers with perfect technical services.

  • 完善的项目管控体系
    Perfect project management and control system

    8000平米生产基地,100多余套生产制造设备,项目进程透明化、流程化,规范化的服务保障产品质量,为用户节约大量制造时间。 8000 square meters production base, more than 100 sets of production and manufacturing equipment, project process transparent, process oriented, standardized service to ensure product quality, save a lot of manufacturing time for users.

  • 周到的售后服务
    Considerate after-sales service

    提供7×24小时技术支持,专业的售后服务团队无缝隙的参与客户全程生产过程,解决客户后顾之忧。 Provide 7 × 24 hours of technical support, professional after-sales service team seamless participation in the customer's whole production process, solve the customer's worries.

  • 资源整合
    Resource integration

    与多家知名院校人才机构建立长期的顾问合作关系,12年的发展,结识机械制造领域完善的供应链体系,降低与客户合作成本,提高客户产品附加值。 We have established long-term consulting cooperation relationship with many well-known universities and talent institutions. After 12 years of development, we have known the perfect supply chain system in the field of mechanical manufacturing, reduced the cost of cooperation with customers and improved the added value of customers' products.

  • 国内知名硬件支持
    Domestic well-known hardware support

    坚持始终用国内外知名品牌的加工设备和机械零部件,确保客户服务品质,免去不稳定的烦恼。 Adhere to the use of domestic and foreign well-known brands of processing equipment and mechanical parts, to ensure the quality of customer service, avoid unstable trouble.